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What to do if your Illinois business gets sued.

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Illinois Commercial Tenants and Negotiating an Illinois Business Lease

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Collecting on an Illinois Judgment - The Citation to Discover Assets

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Unpaid Invoices, Collection and Client Retention - Illinois Business Law

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Collecting an Illinois Judgment - The Wage Garnishment

Initiating a wage deduction proceeding is an effective supplementary proceeding that is statutory by nature. It is required that the creditor have a.. Read More

Enforcing a Judgment against an Illinois LLC Member

 Section 30-20 of the LLC Act (found at 805 ILCS 180/30-20) states that a creditor’s exclusive remedy is to obtain a charging order against an LLC.. Read More

Registering Your Foreign Judgment in Illinois

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Illinois Business and Dealing with the Unpaid Invoice

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Commercial Leasing and the Letter of Intent 

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