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How do I collect unpaid invoices in Illinois?

If you run a small business, it is inevitable that you will eventually run into a client or customer who owes you money.  Often times, this is one of.. Read More

How to Form an Illinois LLC

A Limited Liability Company ("LLC") is a excellent vehicle to incorporate your Illinois business due to its hybrid business structure.   The members.. Read More

What is a citation to discover assets?

A citation to discover assets is a tool utilized by a judgment creditor to discover and recover assets of a judgment debtor.   A citation to discover.. Read More

What is a wage garnishment?

A wage garnishment or wage deduction proceeding is a tool for judgment creditors to obtain a court order for nonexempt wages to be paid to the.. Read More

What property is subject to a judgment lien under Illinois law?

In Illinois, a judgment lien can be attached to real property, such as a home or condo the judgment debtor owns, it does not attach to personal.. Read More

How long does a judgment last in Illinois?

Illinois, like every other state, has its own statute of limitations on how long a judgment can last.  If a judgment was entered against you in.. Read More

Recovering Attorney Fees in Illinois

Bad news first.  In Illinois, attorneys' fees are not always recoverable, even if you "win" your lawsuit.  Illinois is an "American Rule".. Read More

How do you get back personal property in Illinois?

Replevin is a statutory remedy in Illinois and is an action in which the owner or person entitled to the possession of goods or personal property.. Read More

The ABC's of Collecting an Illinois Judgment

So you have a judgment.  Now what?  In Illinois, you can start collecting on your judgment right after the Judge enters a judgment order and tells.. Read More